Speaker Event

The Explorys Success Story with Charlie Lougheed

November 20, 2020 7:30 AM


8:50 am

The Explorys Success Story with Charlie Lougheed

Cleveland Racquet Club



Charlie has 25 years of experience in technology leading both start-ups as well as large corporate divisions within e-commerce and technology companies. 

Before launching his current startup Axuall in December 2018, Charlie was President & Chief Strategy Officer of one of our region’s recent startup success stories, Explorys, which he co-founded  in  2009 as an  innovation spinoff from the Cleveland Clinic. Explorys, which was acquired by IBM in April 2015, addressed the national imperative to leverage big data in healthcare for the improvement of medicine and delivery of care (read more below). During his time at Explorys Charlie lead market research, advanced product design, marketing, pricing, and strategic development. 

Before Explorys, Charlie co-founded Everstream with Stephen McHale in 1999 and served as Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President, leading product strategy, business development, and engineering initiatives. Charlie co-led two successful rounds of private equity financing, as well as the merger of Ad Acoustics in 2002. Following a $15 million public merger with the Concurrent Computer Corporation in 2005, he became President of Everstream.

Charlie also has extensive experience within the financial services industry, having led National City Corporation’s consumer online banking division, as well as a position at PNC Financial as Senior Vice President of the online channel for its affluent customer segment. He has also served as Vice President of Internet Systems at KeyBank where he led the development of Key.com, online banking, and online loan application systems. Before joining KeyBank, Charlie served as Lead Consultant with the Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group.

Charlie is an active leader in his community serving as Chairman of the Galen Foundation and Advisory Board Member to Genesis Inventions. Charlie has a BA degree from our own John Carroll University

More about Explorys

Originally inspired by physicians and informatics leaders, Explorys combined the most powerful healthcare computing platform in the world with turnkey solutions for clinical integration, at-risk population management, cost of care measurement, and pay-for-performance solutions.

Healthcare data can span across a disparate ecosystem of employed and affiliate providers, payers and plans, care settings, and electronic medical systems; Explorys tied that data together into unique valued action.

Since its founding, Explorys developed the world’s most scalable platform for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and one of the largest healthcare databases in the world derived from numerous and diverse financial, operational, and medical record source systems.

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